A Town Called Eureka


Jo Lupo is done with you

Jo Lupo in every episode | 1x04

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Track Title: A Town Called Eureka

Artist: Bear McCreary



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Eureka  + Tumblr (pt. 2)

Eureka  + Tumblr


eureka challenge → favourite female character

jo lupo


i’m over it

i’m  o v e r  us


Why people should watch A Town Called Eureka:

  • Three-Dimensional Characters/ Well-rounded Characters
  • Plot lines people can enjoy
  • Kick-ass people + Character Development
  • Jo Fucking Lupo
  • Wil Wheaton’s in it
  • Felicia Day’s in it
  • Stan Lee has a cameo
  • It’s literally a show about a town full of mad scientists - it’s brilliant
  • That dude who played pestilince in SPN is in it
  • Niall Matter is gorgeous

Conclusion: IT is AMAZING

Anonymous asked: "Hey have you checked out Neil Grayston (Douglas in Eureka) in the paranormal comedy web series Spooked? He plays Lindsey and he and his friends encounter and subdue the paranormal. You can watch it on Geek&Sundry's Youtube channel or even on Hulu!"

no omg i need to look that up okay

neil is such a babe ugh and geek&sundry does such good webseries?

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